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About the Store

Whether you're looking for everyday glasses, hunting specs, glamorous frames for a special occasion or safety glasses for work, we've got you covered. Bulls Eye Wear of Missoula, MT, can even have custom frames made just for you using a facial shape mold and the expertise of our eyewear artists. 

With over 50 years in the eye health industry, Lynnette and Dr. Gunter will get you taken care of. Whether you need prescription glasses or simple shielding for your eyes, Lynnette will fabricate your ideal pair of glasses that are guaranteed to provide you with the best vision for the task at hand. We have an optical lab and optometrist on site and all our custom eyewear is built in house.

About the Eye Doctor

Dr. Bonnie Gunter

Optometrist, Gunter Vision Care

Dr. Bonnie Gunter is the independent Doctor of Optometry who practices inside Bulls Eye Wear. 

At her practice, Gunter Vision Care, you are more than a prescription - you are a patient, a person, and a friend. Dr. Gunter is skilled, knowledgeable, and always makes sure you are taken care of. 

She was born in Missoula and raised in Corvallis and Stevensville  MT. She is a graduate of The University of Montana in Missoula and is a Navy Veteran. She has been practicing optometry in Missoula for 32 years.

Because Gunter Vision Care and Bulls Eye Wear are housed under the same roof, you can get your eye exam with Dr. Gunter and order glasses all in one easy visit.  You may also opt to bring in a valid prescription from the doctor of your choice and we would be happy to fill it.

About the Staff

M. Lynnette Schaefer

Master Optician


Owner Lynnette Schaefer is one of two Master Certified Opticians in the state of Montana, and one of about eighty nationwide. She has 28 years of experience in addition to her extensive education and certifications.

Her in-depth experience working in different aspects of the industry has enabled her to provide personalized eyewear and her own brand of "Situational Optics".

Owning her own store has always been a dream, and Lynnette is excited to be able to offer services to her family, friends, and neighbors in Missoula at Bulls Eye Wear.

Donny Schaefer

Lab Technician


Donny Schaefer started in optics at a very young age when he would come to the lab after kindergarten and help his mom with tinting, polishing etc. He now cuts, polishes, and edges all lenses in house, allowing the glasses you purchase to be made specifically to order.

Donny is a graduate of Wyoming Technical Institute. He is an avid outdoorsman and spends a lot of his time hunting, fishing, and camping.  He also makes knives and other assorted sharp items in his spare time.

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